Do Stuff That Matters

It took us quite a few years, but we finally dialed in a tagline that captures our spirit in several dimensions. It's our mission for our employees, as we focus on providing them meaningful work and a bigger picture. It’s the way our software empowers our customers, by streamlining underserved business processes so they can spend more time up the knowledge work value chain. Finally, it’s the way we serve our community, as we invest in activities that help our whole community prosper.

Core Values

Core values guide our decisions and priorities here at Yakabod. They aren't rules we hand out to new employees along with their parking pass: people join the team with these values intact, and our collective responsibility is to maintain an environment where they will thrive.

Our Culture

Everything starts with our core values, of course. Our team is many people with many different personalities, but we're all drawn to being part of something bigger and pursuing it in a certain way. We all have an entrepreneurial bent. We're passionate. We're fine with working hard. We've purposed to "Do Stuff That Matters," because we are tired of being billable bodies, tired of company politics/agendas, tired of the Dilbert-reality we've lived in too many workplaces.

Life in Frederick, MD

Early in 2005 Yakabod moved into beautiful historic downtown Frederick. Our Founder and CEO Scott Ryser envisioned a derelict second floor of a historically prominent building on the town's Square Corner as the perfect space for Yakabod World HQ. And it was! We outgrew this space, however, and moved a short walk away. You can take a look at our new headquarters here.

Lead Intelligence Analyst

Location:     Columbia, MD
Job Type:   Full Time